Hillary Clinton - offentlig taler, tidligere Udenrigsminister USA - Født: 1947 USA - Gift - Børn: 1
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    Dailymail May 2014: With her usual fee of $200,000 a speech, Clinton has banked close to $5 million for her speeches and appearances in the last 15 months.
    NYDailyNews Feb 2013: Hillary Clinton will earn close to $200,000 per speech in the US, and as much as $750,000 in the high-priced Asian and Middle Eastern Markets
    Since January 2010 the salary of the Secretary of State is $199,700.
    'NYTimes 122008:'According to an obscure clause in the Constitution, known as the Emoluments clause, a member of Congress may not be appointed to a government position if the compensation rate for that position was increased during his or her term.In 2006, the salary for cabinet posts was increased to $191,300 from $186,600. So late on Wednesday, Congress cut the pay for the secretary of state by about $4,700.'
    Huffingtonpost:121108:'Rice's salary was raised to its current level of $191,300. So late Wednesday, the House and Senate quietly rolled the secretary of state's salary back to $186,600, its level in January 2007 when Clinton began her second Senate term.'
    NYTimes:041708:'The Clintons' estimated 2007 total income includes, among other items:

    Senator Clinton's salary $150,200
    Senator Clinton's book royalties $152,864
    President's Clinton's pension $186,600
    President Clinton's book income $4,434,446
    President Clinton's speeches $10,145,000
    Partnership income $2,750,000
    Advisor income from InfoUSA $400,000
    Income from savings accounts $485,000
    Investment income from Blind Trust $3,515,000
    Nettoformue: between $80 and 200 million combined with her husband Bill Clinton
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